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About us

Welcome to Fitchies

Here at Fitchies we are all about living healthy while diving into life. We believe in delivering good food and staying young at heart.

To achieve this we focus on two things, quality sustainable seafood and amazing people to deliver it.

No more mysteries about where the fish came from or whether is it fresh. Our menu is designed to keep everyone happy with our Fitchies take on seafood, refreshed protein bowls, salads, take home meals and all your classic sides (hello calamari and chips!).

But we dive even deeper than that… We are passionate about ocean sustainability and sourcing quality seafood from trusted producers. We share where our fish comes from and how it was farmed, or caught, so you can make an educated choice when selecting what seafood you want served with your Fitchies chips.

We believe the good life centres around friends, family, and food – our ambition is to help you enjoy those times.

Fitchies was founded by three long time friends and colleagues who have worked extensively in the food and restaurant industries and agree that seafood and specifically fish and chips could be done differently, done better.

We opened our first Fitchies at Neutral Bay, and our second store at St Leonards NSW, in 2022, with more locations to be announced very soon…

It is fish and chips reimagined.

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